Following our service philosophy „worldwide – close to the customer“, Klaus Union presents itself with affiliates, subsidiaries, marketing agencies and representatives as well as selected co-operation partners worldwide.

Since the founding of Klaus Union Service GmbH in 2006 we focus our efforts to provide service and support for you as our customer quickly and comprehensively.

As an independent service company with exceptionally strong customer orientation, full service, using state of the art technologies and a high level of competence, Klaus Union Service draws on 75 years of process engineering with pumps, valves and agitator drives made by Klaus Union. We are your partners for advice service and planning, clearly arranged documentation and other required services, including the quick delivery of spare parts and a high level of readiness for delivery. Our individual service and maintenance contracts provide safety, regardless of where you happen to be. Experienced, thoroughly trained maintenance personnel and highly specialised product experts are available to you worldwide in our companies, distribution offices and with our co-operation partners. Workshops throughout the world complying with the strict criteria of Klaus Union offer you our services, training classes and on site service.

Quality comes first

An important part of our company policy is assuring the high quality of our products. The quality assurance measures are introduced already at the level of our subsuppliers, and further inspections are made as from the receiving inspection to the final assembly.

The quality assurance system, developed according to modern principles complying with DIN EN ISO 9001, fulfills the requirements our customers have on our products.

Our Range of Service


Analysis of technical problems and devising an attractively priced technically sound solution belong to our range of services, just like scheduled maintenance and quick assistance in the case of failures.

Production and operational reliability, maximising of plant availability and risk management are becoming increasingly important for our customers. To successfully work together with the plant operators in these areas, close co-operation on the basis of partnership is indispensable for mutual benefits. Klaus Union Service GmbH through the direct co-operation with Klaus Union as manufacturer has the unique advantage of access to state of the art production and processing techniques. Spare parts are managed worldwide by the Klaus Union Service GmbH‘s logistics.

In the future our distribution centre cooperating with a global logistics company will be available to you worldwide with a quick delivery of spare parts.

Service Performance

  • Workshop Repairs
  • On-Site Repairs
  • Genuine Spare Part Delivery Worldwide
  • Spare Parts Storage
  • Customized Spare Parts Management
  • On-Site Maintenance
  • Retrofitting
  • On-Site Testing
  • Customer Advisory Service
  • Laser Alignment
  • Start Up & Commissioning
  • Individual 24 / 7-Service
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Training und Schulung
  • Montage und Demontage vor Ort
  • Langzeitserviceverträge
  • Überwachung vor Ort
  • Instandhaltungsplanunng und Beratung
  • Diagnose
  • Installation

Testing Facilities

In our modern testing facility, pumps are tested in realistic environment up to DN 1200.

Testing of the repaired pumps with appropriate test reports gives you optimum plant safety.

  • Testing range: Q = 0.1 m³ /h up to 5.000 m³ /h H = 2 m L.C. up to 1.000 m L.C. ΔP = up to 100 bar Motor power: up to 1.800 kW n = up to max. 3.500 rpm
  • NPSH-measurements
  • Axial thrust measurements
  • Vibration measurements
  • Noise measurements
  • Test run according to HI 14.6 / DIN EN ISO 9906 and API 685 2nd Edition.


Klaus Union Service GmbH accompanies you from the offer complying with the specifications, via the commissioning of complete plants, to the assurance of plant availability with scheduled maintenance intervals and process optimisations.

Workshop Repairs

All required chip cutting and processing machines are available to Klaus Union Service for the production and repair of pumps and valves. The following different types of welding processes can be carried out:

  • TIG
  • E
  • Plasma

Plant-specific modifications and changes of pumps are accompanied, executed and documented by the design department of Klaus Union


Use, maintenance and repair of magnet drive pumps

We are one of the leading suppliers of pumps and valves especially for the chemical and petrochemical industry. Product competence from over 70 years, modern and flexible manufacturing methods provide the optimal basis for the development of problem solutions.

Practice-Oriented and User-Specific

The workshop will provide you with extremely useful information about magnet drive pumps. The experience you acquire during the workshop will help you support your company’s processes and prepare it to meet future challenges.

Target group:
All maintenance, production, service, installation planning, and process engineering staff members whose work involves mounting, commissioning, maintenance and repair for magnet drive pumps.

Aim of workshop:
The workshop will take a theoretical and hands-on approach to familiarise participants with commissioning, proper assembly and dismantlement, troubleshooting and remedying issues, and fluidic basics in magnet-drive pumps.

Workshop content:
The workshop will cover the following topics in respect to magnet drive pumps:

  • Manufacturing
  • Use, Commissioning and Maintenance
  • Diagnosing and Eliminating problems
  • Damage Analysis


  • 29th and 30th of September 2021 (German)
  • English on Request


  • 2 days
  • 1 day from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
  • 2 day from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.


  • 650,- € per person plus tax


  • 1 day: H+ Hotel Bochum
  • 2 day: Klaus Union headquarters in Bochum


H+ Hotel Bochum
Stadionring 22
44791 Bochum
(89 € per single room, overnight stay with breakfast)



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