Single-stage centrifugal pump with mechanical Seal

Flow Rate

max. 3.500 m³/h

Delivery Head

max. 220 m L.C.

Temperature Range

-120 °C to +450 °C

Pressure Rating

max. 400 PN

key facts

  • Design according to DIN EN ISO 2858 / 5199
  • Modular System
  • Shaft Seal Packing; Single or Double Mechanical Seal (also available as a Cartridge Unit)
  • Heating for Casing and Casing Cover available
  • Mechanical Seal-Cover available


  • Single-Stage Centrifugal Pump
  • Shaft Sealing Space for Installation of Mechanical Seals according to DIN EN 12756 or Stuffing Box Packings Unit)
  • Heating for Casing and Casing Cover available
  • Mechanical Seal-Cover available
  • Bearing Bracket with Oil-Lubricated Anti Friction Bearings


Flow Rate Q 3.500 m³/h
Delivery Head H max. 220 m L.C.
Temperature Range t -120 °C to +450 °C
Pressure Rating p max. PN 400

Special configurations available up to PN 400, Higher outputs available


  • Acids
  • Lyes
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Heat Transfer Liquids
  • Coolants
  • Liquid Gases
  • Sewage
  • Colouring Matters
  • Salt Solutions
  • Pulp


Pump casing: 1.4408 or 1.0619
Impeller: 1.4408
Casing cover: 1.4571
Shaft: 1.4462
Shaft sheath: 1.4571
Bearing lantern: 1.0619
Bearing carrier: 0.7043
Shaft seal: Acc. to product and/or customer specifications

Further Materials upon Request


Bearing carrier Realization Comments
NOV Standard Oiled, with deep groove ball bearing


H1 heated pump casing
H2 jacketed bearing lantern
J inducer


The pumps are outfitted with a heat jacket and pump casing (H1) and/or a heat jacket in the bearing lantern (H2). Both heat jackets can be realized either separately or in conjunction with a bypass line. The heat jackets in the standard construction are rated for operating pressure of 16 bar at 200 °C (steam) or 6 bar at 350 °C. The heat jackets can also be used for cooling.

Inducers are often used in cases where the installation’s NPSH values are extremely low. Inducers substantially reduce pump NPSH throughout the installation without altering pump characteristics. Inducer J can be retrofitted on existing pumps, in most cases with only a minimum amount of pump modification.