Without Compromising its Performance

Through the use of non-metallic containment shells instead of the traditionally used metallic containment shells, Klaus Union eliminates eddy current losses and increases the efficiency of magnet drive pumps significantly.

Thanks to the leak-free magnet drive concept, pumps with magnet drives have a huge market share in the chemical and petrochemical industry. For many years, Klaus Union has used nonmetallic containment shells and particularly those made from ceramics for various applications due to their high chemical resistance.

Until recently, the operative range has been limited due to the specific material characteristics. However, pump applications increasingly demand higher operating pressures, temperatures and flow rates whilst still offering maximum efficiency.

Klaus Union‘s ceramic containment shells meet this challenge and provide the following application coverage:

  • Nom. Pressure Range: max. PN63
  • Temperature Range: -200 °C to +400 °C
  • Transmittable Power: up to 1 MW
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Quality is our Success.

Modularity makes the Difference

Klaus Union offers a modular system for all sealless centrifugal and screw pumps. This system consists of the pump hydraulic, the magnet coupling and the bearing bracket. All pump types in this system have an universal casing cover, which easily allows to change an existing containment shell regardless of its material.

Within the modularity, containment shells made of ceramic are available for every magnet coupling size (09E/P/T – 31E/P/T). Our containment shell design is based on the modern Finite Element Method (FEM). This simulation method allows to detect and analyze accurate approximations of tensions and deformations. The result is an optimization of structural parts and its quality as well as the elimination of the risk of failure.

Advantages of Ceramic Containment Shells

Containment Shells made of Zirconium Oxid are not magnetizable. Due to this quality there are no eddy currents impacting the pump‘s performance. In consequence, the pumping fluid is not beeing heated in the process.

This has the following advantages:

  • Enables for dry run capable executions (RTZ-design) and executions without flush flow to cool the containment shell (OTZ-design).
  • Enables for applications with high gas content.
  • Pumps can handle fluids close to vapor pressure curve, e.g. liquid gas applications.

Further advantages:

  • High mechanical strength; Extension of the application through higher pump speed.
  • Vacuum tight up to 0 bar absolute.
  • Large corrosion and erosion allowance; Zirconium Oxide is resistant against most lyes and acids.
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance.
  • Enhanced energy efficiency.

Retrofit of pumps with shaft seal:

  • As there are no eddy current losses, shaft powers comparable to pumps with shaft seals can be achieved.

For quality control purposes, all Klaus Union containment shells are equipped with an individual, engraved serial number. Furthermore, Klaus Union provides material certificates on request.

Cost Savings through the Application of Zirconium Oxid

  • Ceramic containment shells are an important part of Klaus Union‘s modular pump system. Due to the universal casing cover containment shells can be easily and savely mounted or replaced. The operator saves stock capacities and service costs.
  • Energy consumption can be lowered as there are no performance-impairing eddy currents. In fact, the required motor power can be reduced by 10 to 15 %.
  • Due to the lower power requirement, smaller electric motors can be installed.
  • The ceramic containment shell per se guarantees an absolute leak-free operation. In conjunction
    with the high durability of the material, both the risk and the maintenance costs are minimized.