Successfully commissioned

Custom-made submerged pumps

After successfully passing the FAT, these custom-made submerged pumps, type SLM GVTT 080-040-200/3-16E02 ZJ, were delivered to Oranje-Nassau Energie B.V.

The pumps were commissioned in a storage tank farm for butane and propane and will be used for truck loading. Klaus Union faced special project requirements as the existing equipment like a pressure control and level control have to fit on the limited space of the cover plate. Further the pump skids come with explosion proof motors with integrated frequency drives.

To avoid any kind of vaporisation, all pumps are equipped with Zirconium Oxide containment shells. Through the use of these non-metallic containment shells instead of the traditionally used metallic containment shells, Klaus Union eliminates eddy current losses with the corresponding temperature rise in the product and increases the efficiency of magnet drive pumps significantly. As an additional feature, an inducer is installed to substantially reduce the pump’s NPSH3 value without altering other pump characteristics.

The material of the pump is a special low temperature carbon steel and designed for a maximum pressure of 40 bar.