Delivery SLM GVOT

Ready for Delivery

These 9-stage centrifugal pumps with magnet drive series SLM GVOT are waiting to start operating.
The pumps are intended to handle LPG in a refinery and come with a PN 63 pressure rating. Higher pressure ratings (max. PN 250) are available on request. Equipped with a non-metallic containment shell, they achieve a delivery head of over 800m.

Award for Sustainability

Award for Sustainability

Klaus Union has once again been awarded the silver medal in the EcoVadis rating for its performance in sustainability. Klaus Union thus continues its top ratings of recent years and was even able to improve further. We are very pleased to receive this award and would also like to use it to further inspire customers and business partners on the subject of sustainability. After all, environmental, social, and ethical performance – or sustainability – is an essential factor for smart businesses today.

Ecovadis is the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings. The ratings are intended to enable businesses to reduce risk, drive performance, and improve environmental and social outcomes. . The EcoVadis sustainability assessment methodology shows how well a company has integrated the principles of Sustainability/CSR into their business and management system. It is based on leading international standards and covers more than 200 industry categories and 160 countries.

The ideal solution for stripping applications


Klaus Union recently supplied this double volute twin screw pump series DSP-4C according API 676 3rd Edition to a large customer in Spain. The pump is supposed to act as a stripping pump handling hydrocarbons, FAME and palm oil mix. As special feature, the pump comes with our “Plug & Pump” cartridge design for easy and fast maintenance of the pump hydraulics. In addition, the rotors have an optimized design for a higher efficiency and better NPSH. The spool piece on the discharge flange is intended to fit the pressure safety valve according API 520/526 and to simplify customer’s piping layout. An API Plan 51 is a low maintenance solution to increase seal lifetime especially during phases where partial dry run can occur at the end of the stripping operation.

Flowrate: 220 m³/h / Viscosity: 0,5 – 65 mPas / Power: 74 kw

Together against Corona


That’s it, our third vaccination campaign has ended successfully. Many of our employees received their important booster vaccination.
Wir sind davon überzeugt, dass „nicht impfen“ keine Option ist, denn die Corona-Schutzimpfung ist der wirksamste Schutz vor schweren und tödlichen Krankheitsverläufen.
Stay healthy!

We roll up our sleeves


We deeply care for the health of our employees and their fellow human beings. For this reason, we have already organized appointments for the first and second vaccination of our employees last year.
We want to continue to contribute our important part to fight the pandemic, so KLAUS UNION will once again roll up the sleeves for the booster vaccination in January.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


We would like to thank you for the good cooperation and the trust you placed in our company in 2021. We wish you Merry Christmas, pleasant and peaceful holidays and Happy New Year! Stay healthy! Stay healthy!

20 kW energy savings


Another good reason for using our non-metallic containment shells: We have subsequently modified the first of three identical pumps for our customer to reduce both the power consumption and the external flush flow for bearing lubrication and magnet cooling significantly. The pump is a magnet drive centrifugal pump series SLM NVO, equipped with our largest hydraulics (400-400-500).
The metallic containment shell has been replaced by a non-metallic shell made of technical ceramics. Through the use of this new containment shell material, eddy currents are eliminated, reducing power consumption by 20 kW and the external flush flow by almost 90%.

Info-Flyer: Non-Metallic Containment Shells



Doors are open at ADIPEC 2021 – the largest gathering of energy industry professionals. Don’t miss the chance to visit our booth and discover our product range as well as our brand new exhibits.
Our experts are ready to meet you at Stand 8752 in Hall 8.

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The giant has been successfully commissioned


This single volute untimed twin screw pump series DSP-2C is now pumping nearly 1,000 m³/h of hot asphalt at side for a large oil & gas customer. Klaus Union supplied two identical pumps, which are used for ship loading.

single volute untimed twin screw pump series DSP-2C

DIAM Bochum -Wir sagen DANKE!

DIAM BOCHUM 2021 - Wir sagen DANKE!

Die diesjährige DIAM Bochum ist vorbei und wir möchten uns ganz herzlich bei allen Besuchern, Kunden und Partnern für den Besuch auf unserem Messestand und nicht zuletzt für den intensiven fachlichen Austausch bedanken.

Die DIAM hat gezeigt: Das persönliche Gespräch ist auch weiterhin nicht zu ersetzen. Also bis bald, wir sehen uns auf der nächsten Messe!

Ihr Klaus Union Messe-Team